6-8 June 2018
University of Zurich, Department of Chemistry C
CET timezone


Arjen Markus: Arjen Markus is a senior consultant/researcher at the Deltares Institute in Delft, The Netherlands. He has been using Fortran for more than 30 years and has written a number of contributions for the ACM Fortran Forum, exploring various features of Fortran. In 2012 these contributions led to the publication of the book Modern Fortran in Practice. His daily work consists of the maintenance, development, and application of a number of numerical programs, developed and maintained at Deltares, with an emphasis on water quality. He regularly presents courses on this subject but also on the use of modern Fortran. He is involved in several open source projects and his interest in programming techniques has led to their adaptation and application in Fortran programs.

Hans Pabst: Hans Pabst is an application engineer mainly enabling open source scientific applications to take advantage of current and future hardware. Hans is part of Intel's Technical Computing Enabling Team focusing on high performance and throughput computing (HPC), enterprise computing, parallel algorithms research, code optimizations, and hardware-software co-design.

Mikko Byckling: D.Sc. Mikko Byckling is an HPC application engineer at Intel. He received his M.Sc. in computer science from Helsinki University of Technology in 2006 and his D.Sc. in mathematics from Aalto University of Technology in 2011. He has formerly worked as an applications specialist at CSC – It Center for Science Ltd. and as a postdoctoral researcher in the parallel algorithms group of CERFACS. His professional interests include parallel algorithms, parallel programming and scientific software development.

 Bálint AradiBálint Aradi is a senior scientist at the Bremen Center for Computational Materials Science of the University of Bremen. He is an expert in large-scale, computationally efficient electronic structure methods. He has made pivotal contributions to the development of the Density-Functional Tight Binding method and is the main developer of the widely-used open source quantum mechanical simulation package DFTB+, which is written in modern Fortran. He is the author of the Fypp-preprocessor which extends Fortran with meta-programming capabilities. Bálint Aradi is a passionate Fortran programmer continuously seeking for ways of making his code simpler, cleaner and more expressive by using the latest Fortran features and language constructs.