23-24 September 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone

Test automation on a Fortran Legacy Software: the AnaTest framework

24 Sep 2021, 14:50
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Mr Nicolas Abreu Netto (Cepel)


In the modern software development approach, it is often advocated that test automation should be implemented in the regular workflow. The test automation aims to simplify the software development by replacing the repetitive tasks into a framework that would compare the actual with the predicted outcomes.

One way to guarantee that new implementations in legacy code would not change past behavior is by the test automation implementation; it would catch changes in the code that alters the results from functions and routines.

The Brazilian Electrical Energy Center Research (Cepel) develops a suite of commercial software for power system analysis, coded in Fortran and C++, that requires a lot of testing for publishing newer versions of the software. The AnaTest framework was an internal solution developed to provide a tool for test automation that works for both legacy Fortran and modern C++ code and in Windows and Linux environments.

The AnaTest framework illustrates how test automation can be implemented in legacy code, with high benefits and low cost. It will also be used as a showcase to motivate the community into adopting test automation for a safer and faster production of Fortran software development, addressing unit testing and black-box testing approaches.

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