23-24 September 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone

Handling dimensions and units of measure in a program

23 Sep 2021, 14:10
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Arjen Markus (Deltares)


Most, if not all, programs that perform numerical computations of some kind or other need to deal with
the units of measure in which their variables are expressed. Many solutions for the general problem
have been proposed, but the problem is more difficult than it looks at first sight. For instance,
should a program be able to handle different units (cm versus inch) automatically? Is it possible
to check the dimensional consistency of a formula without have the programmer detailing everything?
How to deal with similar formulae that can be applied to different quantities, like an interpolation routine?
Are dimensions and units beyond the Système International supported? In this presentation we
attempt to give insight in the various aspects and what existing and proposed solutions can and cannot do.

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