23-24 September 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone

Implementing Fortran Standardese within LFortran

24 Sep 2021, 17:30
ZOOM (Virtual)



Fortran-lang Communications Minisymposium


Rohit Goswami (University of Iceland, Quansight)


The Fortran standard is a rather imposing document; though with F2018 at around 600 pages it is significantly lighter than its C++ counterpart. The standard itself is rarely cited as a beginner resource, with a cottage industry of books designed to shed light on the dry prose and foreboding technical rigor. However, with LFortran, particularly viewed through the lens of the Abstract Semantic Representation (ASR) of any Fortran code, the standard suddenly gains clarity and rigor. Being as it is a Fortran-first representation, unlike GCC's internal representations (parse trees and lowered GIMPLE) or opaque (proprietary) middle-layers of NAG/Intel; the ASR is meant to concretely represent the syntax in a way to make the Standard seem eminently rational. Implementing the intrinsic functions and standard computing models become pleasant C++ puzzles instead of pidgin nightmares of progressively lower representations. In this presentation, I will discuss the process of implementing Standard intrinsic functions, the lifeline of any applied physical science researcher. LFortran allows for further flexibility at runtime, which will come up briefly, but most of the focus for this short talk will be on the compile time evaluation of intrinsic functions and future directions.

Primary author

Rohit Goswami (University of Iceland, Quansight)


Dr Ondřej Čertík (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

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