23-24 September 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone


FortranCon 2021 is the second edition of the International Conference targeting the development and usage of the Fortran programming language and will take place on September 23-24, 2021.

In recent years Fortran has seen a series of new standards, improving the language in regards to object-oriented, parallel and general-purpose programming. This has spurred the development of several new projects written in and for Fortran, helping the Fortran programmers - in particular, the scientific community - to modernize their code and make it more maintainable.

With this conference, we intend to bring together active Fortran project developers from all fields: library and tool developers as well as people using Fortran to develop scientific applications, to share their experience and exchange ideas.

For the 2021 edition, the conference is supported both by the University of Zurich and members of the BCS Fortran Specialist group from the UK.


For the Keynote talk we are happy to welcome Dr Damian Rouson, Group Lead for the Computer Languages and Systems Software (CLaSS) Group at Berkeley Lab.

Conference Structure / Registration / Call for Abstracts

The FortranCon 2021 is organized in two full days with session timings to accommodate attendance from both Europe and the Americas. Anyone interested is kindly requested to register for the event. The registration is free of charge. Please register until September 15th, 2021.  Participants will virtually attend the meeting (due to Covid-19 situation). If you wish to attend in person then please contact us as places will be limited and so we can inform you of restrictions with physical events.

Update: Instructions on how to connect to the event will be only sent to registered persons. Please contact the Steering Committee Members if you have not received them yet.

A Call-for-Abstracts is also open for people who would like to present at the conference. The official language is English. We have 2 tracks: Presentations (25 + 5 minutes discussion) and Communications (15 + 5 minutes discussion). They will be reviewed by a Scientific Committee.

The submission must consist of a title (max 10 words) and an abstract (max 200 words). Furthermore, it is required to specify if you apply for a 15 or 25 minutes slot. You should submit a talk about anything you think is worth sharing with the Fortran Community. However, we are happy to host talks on other topics that can inspire us. Speakers will be requested to describe their experience, the implemented techniques, and the eventual new developments.

Unless explicitly requested by the speaker, all presentations will be recorded and made available through the FortranCon channel.

Submissions will be selected by review from the Scientific Committee via a voting process, members of the committee will not be able to review or score their own submissions or any submission where there may be a conflict of interest. As per the 2020 conference there will be two calls (see deadlines) operating on a first-come, first-served basis between the two calls should there be slots left following the first call.


Registration (free of charge): September 15th, 2021.

First Call-for-Abstract: August 1st, 2021 (decisions sent by August 20th, 2021).

Second Call-for-Abstract: September 1st 4th (deadline extended), 2021 (decisions sent by September 13th, 2021).

Steering Committee Members

  • Tiziano Müller, Dept. of Chemistry, UZH
  • Alfio Lazzaro, HPE CH

Scientific Committee Members

  • Harvey Richardson, HPE UK (chair)
  • Alessandro Fanfarillo, AMD
  • Steve Lionel, retired Intel
  • John Reid, JKR Associates and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
  • Anton Shterenlikht, HPE UK
  • Nathan Sircombe, ARM


We gratefully acknowledge the funding of this event by the UZH Graduate Campus via its GRC Grant.

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