2-4 July 2020
University of Zurich
Europe/Zurich timezone

Code::Blocks: open source, cross platform IDE for Fortran

3 Jul 2020, 18:30
ZOOM (University of Zurich)


University of Zurich

Selected Presentations Session F


Darius Markauskas (TU Berlin)


While it is possible to write Fortran code with a simple text editor, many programmers prefer to use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for their work. In addition to simply highlighting text in many editors, Code::Blocks offers Fortran users a grouping of their code files into projects, compiling code with the selected compiler directly from the IDE, code navigation, code completion and debugging with GDB debugger and more. Code::Blocks IDE is an open source project that has been continuously developed in C ++ by many developers from different countries since 2004. The source code of the IDE is organized in the core and in many plugins. Most of the functions specific to Fortran are implemented in the FortranProject plugin. The presentation explains many features of this IDE that are useful for programming in Fortran. It shows how to create a project and how to add existing code to this project, how to navigate the code and how to debug it. Some new features and ongoing work are also shown.

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