2-4 July 2020
University of Zurich
Europe/Zurich timezone

Connecting Fortran to the Internet of Things

3 Jul 2020, 13:00
ZOOM (University of Zurich)


University of Zurich

Selected Presentations Session D


Mr Philipp Engel


At first glance, Fortran may not be easily associated with the emerging Internet of Things and its new networked services, data formats, and protocols. In fact, the language features of modern Fortran make it possible to inter-connect with existing third-party libraries, written in C, Lua, Python, and other languages. With the toolset given by the ISO C binding module, Fortran applications gain access to RESTful web services, NoSQL databases, ZeroMQ message queues, MQTT-based pub/sub middleware, or IoT sensor networks. The talk will give an overview of existing technologies and how to access them from Fortran.

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